WP Developer Info for WordPress

A plugin that shows you how much memory your site is using and how many database queries are being executed

4 tips to improve your responsive website

Improve the quality of your responsive website with a handful of easy tips.

Don’t worry, ignorance will contribute to the death of QR Codes

Commonplace ignorance will guarentee QR Codes don’t stand a chance at becoming ubiquitous

Facebook Thumb Fixer for WordPress

No more missing or wrong thumbnails when you share a post on Facebook.

Notely for WordPress lets you make notes against pages and posts

A simple plugin that allows you to make notes against your pages and posts.

QR Codes are destined for failure

I am of the opinion that QR Codes have no place in design and marketing.

10 tips for achieving zone zen

Zone Zen can be achieved, but first you must want it.

How to irritate customers and guarantee cart abandonment

Build a bad shopping experience, and they will leave

When does the business case trump the user experience?

Can a business case be made for challenging standard usability conventions?

15 steps towards better form usability

How to bring a good user experience to your web forms